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Introducing CES 2016 Tech Trends

Havas’ team of experts join Rori DuBoff, Global Head of Strategy, EVP, Havas Media Group and WIRED’s Head of Product and Business Development, Mark McClusky, to guide us through the evolution of products that were on show at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.
As we discover more about how virtual and augmented reality, digital screens, autonomous cars, wearables and robotics…

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Star Wars, Google Cardboard, and a new awakening for VR…

As Sony, Microsoft and Facebook draw up the battle-lines for virtual reality headgear, Jez Jowett, global head of creative technology at Havas Media Group, looks at how Google Cardboard’s tie-up with Star Wars is bringing virtual world exploration to a whole new generation of film fans.
The force is growing ever stronger around virtual reality (VR). Next…

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Project Superbrand: Transparency is NOT optional

Transparency, sustainability, and a purpose beyond profit are more than popular catchphrases. They’re now bottom-line expectations for how larger businesses and brands are expected to operate.
In this report, Havas WW seeks to understand how the movement toward corporate social responsibility has evolved since 2007, when Havas WW launched the Future of the Corporate…

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Unease: Havas US PR’s Ubertrend for 2016

Unease is the übertrend in the 2016 edition of Havas PR’s annual trends report. Below are brief descriptions of a few other trends we discuss for the near future:
1. Tech Addict, Control Thyself. The Amish might be right: Tech can draw people apart. Expect to see programs of cyber self-control becoming as common as diets and exercise programs.
2. The Golden Age of…

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Subliminal advertising or influencing your visitor by using the Zeigarnik effect

By Derk van Amstel – Head of Search– Havas Media Netherlands
We probably have all heard of the subliminal advertising case of the flashing slogans in a movie theatre, which supposedly increased sales of popcorn and cola. The slogans were shown too shortly to actually notice (“drink coca-cola, eat popcorn”), and would have increased sales. James Vicary…

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Marketeers voorzien sterke toename video advertising

Online video advertising is bezig aan een gestage opmars. Maar liefs 84% van de marketeers ziet online video snel belangrijker worden in de marketingmix. Vier op de tien (42,6%) marketeers zetten nu al video ads in. Nog eens ruim een vijfde (22,1%) wil dat de komende twaalf maanden gaan doen. Dat blijkt uit een onderzoek van digitaal marketingbureau MediaScience,…

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2015 Global Digital Future in Focus

Digital developments continue to revolutionise the speed and scope of information that is communicated globally. This rapid transfer of ideas has naturally had an impact on the industry itself, with trends in platforms, audiences and content now evolving across continents faster than ever before.
Considerations for digital businesses in 2015 include:

The balance of…

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Future Bond

Bond’s back and he’s got a new car to mark 50-years of 007’s relationship with Aston Martin. From the gadget-laden DB5 in Goldfinger to the wrecked DBSs in Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace, they have all played a pivotal role in the films. But what will Bond’s cars of the future look like?
Havas Media Group’s global head of creative technology, Jez…

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Media and Advertising the next generation: Don’t panic, engage!

By Evert Eijffinger – Communications Director – Havas Media Netherlands
In the last couple of years our media usage changed rapidly. The commodity of tablets and mobile, the social revolution, all the photo sharing platforms – e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest -, and the unstoppable march of video via platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Vine and Meerkat.

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Havas LuxHub presents the Luxury Customer Journey

Luxhub reveals its first global observatory on the luxury customer journey that examines the path to purchase for luxury fashion goods. The proprietary study, conducted in 8 markets with over 6.400 consumers and 25 brands, gives luxury fashion companies a clear understanding of the strategic roadmap they need to develop to engage their target in each market, with a…

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The singularity is closer than we think

A tipping point in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence is closer than we think. Jez Jowett, global head of creative technology at Havas Media Group assesses the landscape and calls for greater debate to ensure a balance between the opportunities and perceived threat.
Back in May, I was walking down Regent Street in London when I came across a pop-up shop window…

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IAB: Nederland binnen Europa koploper in gebruik van mobiele display voor brandingdoeleinden

Nederland blijkt binnen Europa koploper in het gebruik van mobiele display voor branding- doeleinden, zo blijkt uit het vandaag door IAB Europe gepubliceerde het European Advertiser Mobile Audit-report.
Voor dit rapport werden meer dan 600 adverteerderssites onderzocht op inzet van mobiele marketing.
Hieronder zijn de belangrijkste bevindingen van het onderzoek…

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By: Gijs de Beus – Director of Strategy – Havas Media Netherlands
This summer I managed to catch up on some reading. Here are some insights from some of the marketing and advertising books I read, all of them with lots to say about how we can be more successful in moving people to think and act in favour of the brands we work for.
In “The Anatomy of Humbug” Paul…

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Re-considering Virtual Reality

Havas-18LA has partnered with UCLA and USC universities to produce the sixth installment of the Transforming Hollywood conference in Los Angeles. The annual event brings together industry professionals, creators, and academics from the converging fields of content, media, data, and technology to discuss the defining trends in the entertainment industry. This year’s…

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IAB Global Mobile Advertising revenue Report

IAB Europe, het U.S. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence en IHS Technology hebben hun wereldwijde cijfers over mobiele-advertentie-omzet gepubliceerd. Deze omzet steeg met liefst 64,8% naar 24.0 miljard euro in 2014 (2013: 14,6 miljard euro), als gevolg van de veranderingen in het gebruik van devices, een veranderend consumptiepatroon verrijkende initiatieven…

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